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 A Case Against Expressing Anger at or to God


A Clinical Look at the Book of James 


A Timeless Question 


CREATED to Worship- on earth, in heaven or in hell


Faith & Works - A Reflection on James 2: 14-26                                        


God's Anger - Does God Hold a Big Stick?


Inextricable Pairing of Inevitable Realities

Let Us Think


Limited versus Unlimited Atonement: The Tragedy & the Truth

Looming Catastrophe

The Profundity of a Common Christian Confession



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There is a concurrent abandonment of the truth and the embracing of worldly deception. This is a plague that continues to affect all of humanity.  Escaping the seduction of worldliness requires us to be vigilant.  We must shun all distractions, deception and alluring digressions and seek the truth.


It is the hope that, through the links provided here, visitors will be encouraged to . . . . .  think beyond the ordinary and live above mere existence.

If you have a link to a Christian resource with a similar focus that you want to place on this Nuggets of Truth website, please send email to:Nuggets of Truth  with the link and a brief description. You may include a small but clear JPG image if you like. Your link will be reviewed but there is no guarantee that it will be posted if it does not fit with the intentions of this site. 

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